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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

LG KG800 Chocolate Mobile Phone Deals

The LG KG800 Chocolate is a fine example of magnificent designing. This superb gadget earned its hugely popular name 'Chocolate' because of its elegant and noticeable designing. All the right factors are there to give you something amazing, you would always love to have. Besides its exquisite designing, the LG KG800 also supports numerous compatible and innovative features. Undoubtedly, with all such things in a single phone, it has to be a popular one and that is the LG KG800 Chocolate.

Just hold your LG KG800 Chocolate and behold its sensitive pad and navigation, which is a gateway to unlimited possibilities. Its touch sensitive keypad glows as you touch it and automatically disappears, when not in use. It measures only 95 x 48 x 15.2mm, which adds to its sleekness. Its weight comprises of its battery, thus it becomes quite easy for the user to carry it around. When it comes to memory, the LG KG800 Chocolate is loaded with 128 Mbytes of shared memory, which enables you to treasure all the important emails, messages, video recordings and photos.

You will get an excellent viewing experience with the LG KG800 Chocolate, as it is endowed with a high resolution TFT LCD screen, which is capable to provide clear and lucid display. Furthermore, you can use its 1.3 megapixel digital camera to take quality pictures. To add desired clarity and vividness in pictures, this cool handset also comes with a built in flash and 4 x digital zoom. Just click and treasure all your memorable photographs in a photo album. With its multi shot mode, you can capture nine snaps together and afterwards you can choose the best one as per your preferences.

When it comes to messaging features, the LG KG800 is endowed with superb messaging features comprising of SMS, MMS, EMS and email. With the help of predictive text, you can swiftly send the messages. Moreover, to send images, photos and videos, you can use the MMS message.

The LG KG800 is also loaded with other exciting features to entertain you. Its wholesome range of entertainment features include a built in music player for non-stop music. This quality music player supports various music formats like MP3, ACC, AAC+ and WMA. There is a music button, which gives you easy access to music player. Enjoy unlimited features with this classic gizmo—LG KG800.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

LG U890 Pink: Enticing design, superb features…something for all

The LG U890 has really got something for all, which makes it an enticing 3G mobile phone. Its stunning look is finished up with a beautiful pink coloured casing supported by an electric blue trim. If you want to go beyond that, then you would find a smooth clamshell opening mechanism, built with a dual colour screen. It weighs only 140 grams and measures only 99.5 x 49.8 x 17.5; thus, it gets that compact and slim look. The LG U890 Pink is another superb LG mobile phone.

Like other 3G mobile phones, the LG U890 has multi tasking capability. With the LG U890, you would never miss to capture those defined moments. It is loaded with an in-built 1.3 megapixel camera. You can also rotate the camera in different angles to capture those snaps from various angels. It’s 2-x digital zoom and 1280 x 960 allows the user to capture each detail comprehensively. Its integrated flash adds quality to your favourite shots even during duller environments. If you are in a hurry, then choose multi shot option and easily capture nine continuous shots.

You can easily access video feature in the LG U890. With this, you can record, play and stream video. You can treasure all your memories and special moments in full action with the help of video feature. After that, you can store them in its video gallery.

The LG U890 allows you to share these treasured moments with your loved ones, as it supports Bluetooth technology. So, click, store and share with others. To do more, you can also connect your LG U890 with other devices with the help of USB to share data.

Dance to your favourite tunes, with the LG U890’s media player. It’s digital media player supports various sorts of music formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, WAV etc. Play easy with its quick music buttons, which allows you to do many things such as to choose play list, choose tracks, rewind, fast-forward, and to skip music track.

The LG U890 supports tri band network, which assists you to get the finest connectivity, anywhere, anytime. For Internet surfing, you can use its WAP Internet browser.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

LG KG800 Chocolate – Redefining style in mobile phones!

Style forms an integral part of electronic gadgets. Tech-savvy people want their electronic equipment to be stylish in addition to being innovative.Mobile phones are no exception to this general trend. In concurrence with this development, leading handset manufacturers are currently involved in designing and developing mobile phone models that are elegant in their looks as well as outstanding in their capabilities. We can understand this point better, if we take the example of the LG KG 800 Chocolate mobile phone from LG Electronics.

The LG Chocolate is all that you have ever wanted in your mobile phone. First and foremost, the LG KG 800 Chocolate sports a minimalist yet sleek design. A touch sensitive navigation is one of the major features which would attract you to handset. The display of this mobile phone model is hidden; the heat sensitive touch pad glows red when you touch it and shows you exactly where to press. You can slide open this handset and get to use the keypad as well as access other features of the same.

And the features that are a part of this handset are quite sophisticated, to say the least. For instance, the LG Chocolate comes with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with flash, which can be used to capture images with excellent picture quality.

You can also listen to your favorite music as well as video, even when you are on the move. The LG KG 800 comes with an integrated music player, which can play files in different file formats such as MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAX++ and WMA.

The handset is tri-band compatible. You can use the handset, even when you are traveling abroad in different countries in Europe as well as the USA. However, whether you want to use the specific handset in a particular country would depend on the services of your network operator. The LG KG 800 Chocolate is Bluetooth compatible and can be used handsfree with a Bluetooth headset. You can use it to send and receive emails, even when you are on the move. You can download different types of interesting mobile Java games and the latest ringtones. You can connect your handset with other Bluetooth compatible devices using a USB data kit.

Monday, August 28, 2006

LG Mobile Phones- A class of its own

LG mobile phones might not be ruling the market but it has its own audience. The range of LG mobile phones has raised a few eyebrows with its advanced technology and sophisticated looks. Whether it is the smooth chocolate coloured LG KG800 Chocolate or the 3G compatible LG U8360, admirers of LG mobiles are sure that the handsets are worth every penny.

LG is leading the mobile phone market with its repertoire of WCDMA (UMTS), CDMA and GSM handsets. True to its reputation, every LG mobile handset looks like specially crafted and designed to give consumers the best experience. The latest features with which these handsets come only add glamour and splendour.

With a vision of ruling the mobile market, LG is marching ahead with an array of handsets like LG U300, LG 400, LG U880, and LG U890. The latest addition, to its portfolio LG KG800 Chocolate, has not only added variety, but is also giving its contemporaries, a run for its money.

To shut the mouth of critics who pick apart its high cost LG is thinking of bringing low cost mobile phones. The future looks very exciting not only for LG mobile phone but also for consumers.

Till then, wait and watch!