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Monday, August 28, 2006

LG Mobile Phones- A class of its own

LG mobile phones might not be ruling the market but it has its own audience. The range of LG mobile phones has raised a few eyebrows with its advanced technology and sophisticated looks. Whether it is the smooth chocolate coloured LG KG800 Chocolate or the 3G compatible LG U8360, admirers of LG mobiles are sure that the handsets are worth every penny.

LG is leading the mobile phone market with its repertoire of WCDMA (UMTS), CDMA and GSM handsets. True to its reputation, every LG mobile handset looks like specially crafted and designed to give consumers the best experience. The latest features with which these handsets come only add glamour and splendour.

With a vision of ruling the mobile market, LG is marching ahead with an array of handsets like LG U300, LG 400, LG U880, and LG U890. The latest addition, to its portfolio LG KG800 Chocolate, has not only added variety, but is also giving its contemporaries, a run for its money.

To shut the mouth of critics who pick apart its high cost LG is thinking of bringing low cost mobile phones. The future looks very exciting not only for LG mobile phone but also for consumers.

Till then, wait and watch!