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Monday, May 28, 2007

LG Shine: The new lingo of style...

Trends do change with a lightening speed in the world of mobile phones and the market is flooded by innumerable handsets. Each leading handset manufacturer has been releasing a mobile handset on the regular basis to lure more and more users. All these developments are very good for the common users, as they get multifunctional handsets with the reasonable price. After making the brisk start by introducing the highly stylish LG Chocolate, LG is once again geared up to release another style icon – the LG Shine. This highly attractive and sleek device is perfected with all the right elements, which make it a rare piece of mobile art. The LG Shine is a slider phone and it is duly loaded with various latest features to offer you more than enough, you would like to have in your very own mobile handset.

To get the ultimate Shine experience, all you have to do is to slide open this exquisite gadget to explore its beauty and various outstanding features. It is endowed with a big 2.2 inch screen, which enables you to enjoy all your favourite videos and images with all the clarity. When you move a bit and flip open the phone, its enticing display screen and keypad glows with the soothing light. Hence, you can easily manoeuvre through the phone menus. Moreover, you also get easy access to its multi-function scroll key.

Besides offering too much in style, the LG Shine also provides a lot in compatible features. It comes equipped with a 2.0 mega-pixels camera, which can capture all those special moments for you. You can also enjoy digital music on its inbuilt music player, which can play all your favourite music in various popular formats. Well, that's not enough, as you can also stream your favourite videos on its intuitive screen to get that larger than life viewing experience.

Offering the best in the latest functionalities, the LG Shine supports advanced messaging features with SMS, EMS and MMS. With its Bluetooth and USB port support, you can easily share your data with any other compatible device. This superb phone also supports the popular GPRS and EDGE technology to let you enjoy unparalleled Internet connectivity on the move. If LG Shine can add loads of style in your mobile life, it can also take a very good care of other things to provide you a consummate mobile experience.