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Sunday, August 19, 2007

LG Shine – the enticer

Just a few days after the launch, LG shine was named as one of the top 20 head-turning gadgets of the year. And even after many months of its launch, seems like the 'shine' of this handset is not going to die off that easily. The makers of LG shine have gone with the success formula of fashion phones - penchant for glossy, shiny surfaces; and surely displayed their excellent sense of creativity.

The LG shine reflects an ultimate example of this newfound devotion to things that glisten and gleam. The handset is comes in a polished stainless steel casing, and the big display at the front reminds one of a mirror. While this mirror effect does act as a boon for conscious ladies, it also adds a lot of irritation. Because of its make, the LCD screen attracts a lot of fingerprints, making the handset difficult to maintain. The slider mechanism of LG shine is solid and the flat keypads make a good impression too.

In terms of features, the LG shine offers 512MB of space for your music and data storage needs. The 2-megapixel auto focus camera comes equipped with a number of photography options, and makes clicking a pleasure. The handset also offers a VGA camera for video calling. The screen comes with a good resolution and becomes a perfect platform for viewfinder. Besides, there is an advantage of Mp3 player, Tri-band network , GPRS, Bluetooth, USB to cater to the personal and professional needs and a battery power of around 3 days.

Overall a really stunning phone for women who want a lot to attention to be surrounded by them. Seems like LG has now learnt to play its card for the market of fashion mobiles. After the resounding success of Chocolate, LG shine sure makes it to the lost of glory.


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